Design team PONTING – Pipenbaher Consulting Engineers won the First prize in the competition for the solution of the Foot and Cycle Bridge in Irča vas, Slovenia.

The new bridge is located in a sensitive natural environment, in the area of the expanded riverbed and meanders of the Krka River, which represents an important living space of endangered species of amphibians and fish. With the design of the bridge the effort has been made to preserve the quality of the area as much as possible. The basic guideline was to design a bridge without intermediate supports, with a slender superstructure which would be unobtrusively included into the landscape. The bridge is designed as a stress-ribbon bridge with 125 m long span. The 42 cm thick superstructure is 4.00 m wide.

Design Team:

  • Marjan PIPENBAHER, M. Civil Eng.
  • Tomaž WEINGERL, M. Civil Eng.
  • Aleš FILIPIČ, M. Civil Eng.
  • Blaž BUDJA, M. Arch.
  • Rok JEREB, M. Arch.
  • Dr. Dušan STUPAR, M. Land. Arch.
  • Nina MAJORANC, M. Arch.