At the XVIII Days of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers (HKIG) in Opatija on June 14, 2024, dr.h.c. Marjan PIPENBAHER, Partner and Director of Ponting Bridges and Pipenbaher Consulting Engineers, will have a lecture on the innovative concept, design, and construction of two large railway viaducts on the new railway alignment from Divača to the Port of Koper (Slovenia).

The Gabrovica Viaduct, with a total length of 452 meters, is designed as a single expansion unit with expansion joints at the abutments. A distinctive feature of this viaduct is the prestressed reinforced concrete U-section superstructure, which spans continuously over seven spans ranging from 52 to 64 meters. It was constructed using the incremental launching method without auxiliary supports. The “U” shape of the superstructure integrates both the load-bearing structure and protection against noise and high-speed bora winds.

The Vinjan Viaduct, with a total length of 650 meters, is designed as a semi-integral frame structure with characteristic spans of 100 meters. A special feature of this structure is its 55-meter-high piers, which are deeply founded on wells up to 40 meters deep, located in an area prone to latent landslides. The superstructure of the viaduct was constructed using the balanced cantilever method.