PCE – Pipenbaher Consulting Engineers / PIPENBAHER INŽENIRJI d.o.o.

was founded in 2002 by Marjan Pipenbaher, as specialized design, consultancy and research office.

PCE provides a complete range of structural engineering services (Preliminary, Final and Detailed design, Site supervision, Independent design checking, Consultancy services) for demanding engineering structures such as:

  • Long-span bridges
  • High-rise buildings and towers
  • Marine structures
  • Large span roof structures
  • Geotechnical structures
  • Deep foundation
  • Tunneling - cut & cover and gallery structures

PCE also provides the most demanding technical expertise and consulting services for long-span bridges and other engineering structures:

  • Special linear and non-linear analysis
  • Non-linear seismic analysis including design of seismic isolation
  • Dynamic wind and CFD (Computational fluid dynamic) analysis
  • Organizing wind-tunnel tests
  • Wind protection design
  • Providing and organizing structural monitoring and measuring during construction work and in service
  • Track-Bridge Interaction analysis
  • Train-Track-Bridge Interaction analysis (rolling stock)
  • Special geotechnical and SSI (Soil-Structure Interaction) analysis
  • Independent checking of projects
  • Consulting services

PCE employs highly specialized engineers with special knowledge about bridge construction and design.