Wind analysis

Wind engineering, a blend of creativity and science, requires an intimate comprehension of how form and structure interact with and generate forces.

Employing a comprehensive toolkit encompassing numerical, analytical, and physical methods, we tailor our approach to each unique challenge. Whether organizing wind-tunnel tests or deploying computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, we ensure the selection of the most appropriate tools and facilities to suit the project’s specific requirements.

With a keen awareness of the entire project lifecycle, we proactively mitigate design risks from the conceptual stage onwards. Utilizing strategic insights, we identify potential performance hurdles long before designs undergo testing, enabling the anticipation and mitigation of costly revisions. Furthermore, our commitment extends well beyond construction completion, as we conduct post-construction monitoring to assess real-world performance.

As structures reach greater heights and lengths, coupled with the intensifying weather patterns of our changing climate, the need for innovative approaches to ensure comfort and resilience becomes paramount.

Our services include:

  • Dynamic wind analysis
  • CFD / Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis
  • Coordination of wind-tunnel tests
  • Wind protection design